I need ot convert some tapes and was wondering if this is a good option. I could probably just plug my VHS to my DVD recorder, but I doon't want to have to record it and then convert the DVD on my Mac if I can get the same result in one step with a little bit of money.

If you have used it just a few questions:

1. is the quality better/worse/same as it would be if I went the DVD recorder route?

2. I heard that it's not compatible with OSX 10.6. Is this still true?

3. Did you have any other issues or do you recommend any other products that may just much better quality output?

The biggest issues are 10.6 compatibility and quality. The price isn't such a big deal if it saves me hours of conversion time. I should also note that I'm running an 2.66GHz i5 iMac.

Thanks for the help.