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raptorsoft2000 05-19-2011 06:15 AM

Desperate to Convert Really Fast Audio From Wedding to Match Video!!
Hey everyone. I have a video file of my Cousin's wedding and I was trying to make a dvd of it or even just send it to her via youtube or something, but the thing that sucks is this.... I have a Sony Camcorder, it uses memory stick pro duo cards and I had the wedding video stored on there. When I went to download it, it seemed like it only took a few seconds to download the ceremony, which was like 22 mins. Well I went to play it and the audio is garbled. It seems to be 100% fine EXCEPT for the fact that it's sped up who knows how fast. I wish I could figure out how fast, so I know how to reduce it, but I'll just play with that I guess. Anyway what I need to know is how to get the audio fixed, and also, when I play it I believe it's actually 22 mins long (although I haven't checked the whole file), but if it is as long as the video file, then wouldn't reducing the speed change the length? When I try to reduce the speed of video, if I reduce to 50% it makes the clip twice as long. Am I screwed or is there a way to recover the audio. I don't know a lot how slowing down and speeding up audio works, so if someone would explain it that would make me understand it more easily than just saying "no way to get it back" or "this is how you do it". I would like to understand how it works if possible so I can maybe try to figure out if there's anything I did that caused this. But either way, as long as I fix it, that would be good enough for me!! Thank you for your help anyone!


Nethfel 05-19-2011 09:59 AM

Just out of curiosity (and not saying I can help) a few questions for you:

- How did you "download" the video? Did you copy it? Did you import from the camera into an editor (ie: iMovie, FCE, FCP)?

- Is the video still on the memory stick? If it is, have you tried playing it in the camera to see how it plays there?

- If you had just copied the video file off the cameras memory stick, what was the video container? (ie: mts, mov, mp4, avi, etc)

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