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    3rd party dvd producers???
    I have video taped a body building show this past weekend and used a sony hd camcorder. I inputted it into imovie as an hd file, did my edits, and now cannot export it and burn it to a dvd in a decent quality. It looks bad. After looking at a ton of posts, I don't think it is possible. (please prove me wrong)!!! Can I forward this video to some 3rd party to burn the dvd's? Or does anyone have any ideas???

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    You are never going to get the same picture quality on a dvd as you see on your screen looking at the original HD video because of the limits of dvd resolution:

    To record moving pictures, DVD-Video uses either MPEG-2 compression at up to 9.8 Mbit/s (9,800 kbit/s) or MPEG-1 compression at up to 1.856 Mbit/s (1,856 kbit/s).
    The following formats are allowed for MPEG-2 video:
    At 25 frame/s, interlaced (commonly used in regions with 50 Hz image scanning frequency - PAL):
    720 576 pixels (same resolution as D-1)
    704 576 pixels
    352 576 pixels (same as the China Video Disc standard)
    At 29.97, interlaced (commonly used in regions with 60 Hz image scanning frequency - NTSC):
    720 480 pixels (same resolution as D-1)
    704 480 pixels
    352 480 pixels (same as the China Video Disc standard)
    More here: DVD-Video - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    With something like Roxio's Toast, I think you can burn BluRay dvds, but you will need an external BluRay burner.

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