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    Someone Please help! Imovie exporting
    I am using imovie 09 and am having problems with the quality aspect of it. I video taped a huge event and have people waiting for the dvds. I used a HD video camera. I completed all the editing in imovie, looks good as for quality in imovie. When I share it with idvd and burn it on a dvd, it looks terrible! Apple said that I would have to burn it onto a bluray dvd. Is there anyway around this? I have used the export HD feature, but it seams to be terrible.


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    Can anyone out there please help me?

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    What do you mean by it looks terrible?

    If your problem is that the DVD is standard definition and your wanting HD definition, then yes, the Apple rep was half or fully correct depending on length. The Blu-Ray spec allows writing HD to DVDs and Toast premium can do that for you. iDVD only produces standard def discs.

    The HD camera was an HDV camera? That means the material is interlaced. I wonder if this could be the missing fields issue affecting you. A problem specific to iMoive 08/09/11. If this is the problem the the Apple rep is discussing the wrong issue.

    The only thing I can think of is to export to a standard def format. I'd use the Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC). If as expected the material is wide screen, then try exporting to 853x640. Feed that file to iDVD. Different people have different ideas about this. Search the forums here because this has been discussed before.
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