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    Need help determining if .mp4 file I downloaded is actually an .mp4 file and ...
    ... figuring out how to play it / convert it / otherwise make it usable.

    First things first. I am not a pirate ... at least not normally. I'm trying to watch a segment from the Dr. Oz show which aired on May 12, 2011 entitled "The Four Things Drug Companies Don't Want You To Know." Well, I guess they REALLY don't want you to know these things because the segment got yanked off of Dr. Oz's site after being up for only a few hours.

    Anyway, I found where someone had uploaded the segment, supposedly as an .mp4 file and I downloaded it, but my Mac says it's not a video file. It has a Quicktime icon and an .mp4 extension.

    I would like to determine if this file is what it says it is and figure out how to use it. Any help in accomplishing this would be sincerely appreciated.

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