Hi all,

We have some Panasonic 1080/50i camcorders at work and we are testing to see how they work on our iMacs, for basic low level student editing using Final Cut Pro.

When I play the avchd files at home on my macbook pro they play fine, but when I play the same files at work on our iMacs, they have this odd effect of a single horizontal line of slight distortion which travels slowly up the screen. Changing the iMac's screen resolution makes the line travel faster or slower, or sometimes creates two such lines. This defect in the display gets carried over to Apple Intermediate Codec if I log and transfer the files, and shows if I play the files on VLC player too.

I don't understand what this line/lines is, what causes it or how to get rid of it! I'm not talking about the many little interlacing lines which 1080i can cause.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,