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    Adobe Premiere Pro video playback
    Hi Guys
    I'm new to the forum and looking for help. My problem with premiere pro is that when I import video for editing, and click play on source monitor or output to see what it looks like it does not play. I have been trough the settings and can't find anything wrong. Also if I export the video the audio is out of sync with the video. Can anyone suggest what might be causing this. I have been using it fine before now and all was working fine. I have asked adobe and they don't know what to do.

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    What is the format that you are importing? I have run into issues with certain Flash video files. When exporting them, the audio and video is out of sync. Just unlink the audio and video and line them up again.

    As for not being able to play in the source or program windows, are they large files? Sometimes a machine with less memory will need to force a render in order for that playback to show correctly. I ran into this with my old Windows platform when I had 3 GB of RAM. I have 8 GB on my iMac and have had no issues to date. Running CS5.5 as of this week.

    These are only starting points. Perhaps on the Adobe forum, some of the expert users can offer something better?

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    Thanks for the pointers. My system in mac pro 2008 with 16gb ram and everything was working fine up to a few weeks ago. I record stuff from warcraft so the format is .mov, h.264. will try your solutions with the audio and video link, and i'll try different setting within warcraft. the largest size is 500mb. will try with smaller sizes. Thanks again for the pointers might just have to pay and upgrade.

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