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    Opening iMovie 4.0.1 using iMovie 11?
    I just bought a Powerbook Pro and iMovie 11 version 9.0.2 is on it. My previous Mac is an iMac from 2004 running OSX 10.4.1., which has iMovie 4.0.1

    I have a bunch of iMovie projects on that old iMac. I tried to open and continue them in the new iMovie and they won't open. Is there anyway to transfer the old in-progress working projects over to the new iMovie format?

    I don't want to just import the .mov file into the new format. I want to be able to have all the raw footage and the editing storyboard open. Basically I want to open the old iMovie projects using the new iMovie program. I tried drag and drop, opening from within the program, and it doesn't recognize the old projects.

    Is there anyway to do this or do I have to re-import all the raw footage into the new program and redo all my storyboards?

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    I know that you can import iMovie6 projects into iMovie11, but without any of the audio. Try looking in iMovie11 Help and try the same method and see if it works.

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    Thanks MightyGem, I'll give that a try and see if it'll end up being more time saving than redoing stuff from scratch.

    I must say that I'm having a really tough time adjusting to iMovie11. Though more powerful, it's not as intuitive. And cutting and moving clips around seems a lot harder to do.

    At the moment, I'm avoiding the issue of updating my projects to '11 by copying my iMovie 4.0.1 onto the new computer and continuing the old projects using that. New projects though I have to use '11 because I can't get 4.0.1 to import things when on this new system without something going wrong with the imported footage, like dropped out sound or dropped out everything.

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