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    Question VOB to iMovie
    Is there a free app which will take VOB to iMovie? I have some home movies (it's nothing copyrighted obviously) which I would like to have on my PC and upload to YouTube for family. So far all the vob rippers I have found were paid.
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    I have done this a few times with MPEEG Streamclip. I have not tried it recently but I think the process should still work. ATPM 12.03 - How To: Performing a Video Extraction At the time I converted the files to DV but it should work with any format iMovie supports.Not sure if you will still need the MPEG Playback Component. Try without it first.

    I bet Handbrake would do the job also.

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    MPEGStreamclip will do it fine. Export to Quicktime, using the Apple Intermediate Codec option if you want to edit in iMovie.

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