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    Newbie here... question about playing MPG files on my Mac Quicktime
    This is my first post on the Mac forum and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

    We had a problem with our digital HD camcorder and had to have it sent off and the movie files recovered from it's hard drive. When the company sent it back to us, they put it on an external drive and all the movies are in MPG format. Our Macbook Quicktime software would not play them. So, we upgraded our Mac OS to OS X ver. 10.5.8 and then we purchased the Quicktime MPG add on from Apple's website for $19.99. AFter doing this we plugged the external hard drive back to our Macbook and was able to play the MPG movie files fine... the big problem was there is no audio. When I go to display A/V controls, my video parameters can be adjusted but the audio parameters are "grayed out" and it wont let me change them at all.

    What is up with this and what can I do to remedy it?

    FYI - our Quicktime software version is 7.6.9 (1680.9)

    Thanks in advance,


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    Several options here:

    1. Quick and dirty: download the free VLC. It will play those files.

    2. Download and install Flip4Mac WMV Player and Perian if you haven't already. Might (or might not) fix the problem with QuickTime, but has other benefits to QT so it's something you should install anyway.

    3. The real problem here isn't the video codec (you already solved that part), it's the audio codec. Solution 2 might fix that, but neither of the above do the job for you, this free program will convert the file to a more compatible format:
    Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac OS X

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    VLC Media Player this is the best media player Ive come across yet and its free. You only have to pay if you wanna donate. Just find the right download package from the list and use the installer package once it's done downloading.

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    VLC Media Player
    Thanks, guys. I went to the VLC sight and selected the top download... got it installed and it played it perfectly. However, the video quality doesn't seem as good as with QT (although QT isn't playing the audio).

    All the rest of my file types are .mov files. Is there a program that can convert my mpg file to mov?



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    Is there a program that can convert my mpg file to mov?
    Yes, MPEGStreamclip as Chas suggested.

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