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    Aspect ratios in DVD Studio Pro
    I don't think I will ever understand how aspect ratios are handled. I have two video clips, A an B, both taken from the same concert dvd, The clips were created in FCE, and exported to Quicktime mov format. I imported both clips to DVD Studio Pro. When I click on the clips in the Assets window, the video asset inspector shows the same information for both clips (everything is the same except the length of the clips). The inspector show 720 x 576, 4:3, frame rate 15 etc. (I don't know why the aspect ratio is 4:3. When I work with the clips in FCE, they appears to be 16 x 9. And 16:9 is what I want. But, in the past, as long as I set the DVD Studio Protrack and menu to 16 x 9, that's what I end up getting. In the browse asset window in the video asset inspector, Clip A fills the entire screen, I believe is as it should be. But when I view Clip B in the browser asset window, there are horizontal black bars on top of and below the video. The same thing happens in Simulator. All of the settings in DVD Studio Pro are at 16:9, at least all the ones I can think of. This includes the track 1 inspector, the simulator settings, the menu and the general tab in Preferences. Anyone how to fix this so that Video Clip B fills the entire screen?

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    Correction: I meant to say frame rate 25.

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    It turns out that the problem was with the .mov file I imported into DVD Studio Pro actually, with just one clip in the .mov file.

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