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    Video file size too large
    I'm new to mac forums, and about 5 months ago got my first mac (15" mbp, i7, 500Gb, 8Gb). I also have a new camcorder (Canon Legria HF R26, records in AVCHD). It has a 8GB internal flash drive. I have imported the videos using imovie- I imported the "full size" (later I will edit with FCE). When I imported the movies were converted to .mov, which is what I expected. But the file size is massive. Far bigger than when they were on the camcorder. For instance, a 1:54 clip (one minute, 54 sec) is 1.05 GB! At this rate my 500 GB hard drive is going to fill up in no time! Is there something I'm missing? How did the files get so big?

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    Different compression...yeah...they can blow up pretty good. You could export ( from iMovie ) as an MP4 file and it would be smaller without any loss of quality. If you download Handbrake you can convert your MOV files to the same. They would be approx. a third to half size smaller....

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