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    Sep 05, 2010
    Idvd 06
    I have downloaded IDVD 06 to my Power PC G4, program downloads but will not open. Any suggestions on how to get it working . Imovie works ok.
    My computer characteristics are:
    1.66Ghz Power PC G4
    OS X (10.5.8)
    896 Mb ram
    512 L2 cache
    ATA 38.5 Gb hard drive 10.56 Gb available.
    Download said it was installed, program will not open.

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    Given that iDVD 06 is not available for download, you must be using a pirated version of the program. So, not really that surprising that it doesn't work.

    You could easily (and probably very cheaply) buy a retail copy of iLife 06 from resellers on Amazon, from Ebay, from Craigslist, or from fellow Mac users who have upgraded (Mac User Groups are *great* for this).

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    Sep 05, 2010
    idvd 06
    When i said downloaded , I realy have a disk of ilife 06 which i tried to istall , only using imovie and idvd from the disk. The disk said it installed ok , imove works idvd will not open . The icon jumps up and down and the stops without opening. The ilife is not downloaded from the web,but actual disk.
    I have checked the requirements and they seem yo be correct even the Quarts extreme grapic card.

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    Sep 05, 2010
    I found a solution,
    was looking at mac site found the following article:
    iDVD '08: Application may unexpectedly quit when opened
    which was for idvd 08, but it worked ,i can now open idvd 06

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