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    Embedding subtitles on an .avi files
    Hi guys...I seemed to have posted this on the wrong forum that's why I'm re-posting this here. To the administrators and moderators, please accept my apologies. Here's mthe thread I posted on the applications games forum...again sorry:

    Hi there a way to embed subtitles on an .avi file?

    I was given this foreign language movie (on .avi format) that had the subtitles on a separate .srt file. I have no problem viewing it on my computer however if I wanted to view it on my TV via a dvd player with a usb port...the .avi file plays but the subs are gone even if I copy the whole folder with the .srt files into the flash drive.

    Is there a way to embed the subtitles (from a .avi and separate .srt file) into a new .avi file?

    Many Thanks

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    Handbrake can burn subtitles into a movie with a SRT file

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    that's right , handbrake can burn subs into a movie file , it's free ..

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