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    My friend sent me this one video clip for me to burn onto a dvd. But for some reaseon everything I have tried to burn it onto dvd fails. Its an avi file thats 20 minutes long and from the looks of it is 25fps. Also the only program I am able to open it in is MPlayer OSx 2. If I try to open it in quicktime it wont play the audio. I tried to convert the video to mpeg 2 for dvd in Compressor. But after about 2 hours of it encoding and transcoding and it doing its thing I am left with an Aiff audio file that is silent, even thhe waveform is a perfect line. And the video wont open in DVD studio Pro. So I wasted 2 hours there. I tried opening it in Final Cut Pro but that doesnt see the audio either, its a flat line in it too. I tried opening just the avi file in DVD studio Pro and It encodes it for a really long time and then it wont burn it. Is there another way to do this?


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    Try DivxDoctor II on it.

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