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    imovie 11 and drag/drop mp3
    Sometimes I just feel stupid. I am running iMovie11 on an iMac with 10.6.something, the latest anyway.

    I haven't used iMovie much, but only today found out that you can drag and drop an mp3 file into a Project's timeline. Is it my imagination or does it never say that anywhere in the online manual?

    Also, if you can drag and drop an mp3, shouldn't there be a way to do the same from one of the menus, because I don't see that option anywhere. That can't be right, what obvious thing am I missing?

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    shouldn't there be a way to do the same from one of the menus
    Using the "Music" button(in amongst the Titles/Background etc buttons on the central divider)? Not sure if you can navigate to a Finder folder to find an mp3 file, but you ncan certainly drag in tracks from iTunes and Garageband.

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