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Thread: imovie 11 question.

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    imovie 11 question.
    Hey guys... quick question.. I've created a 35 second trailer and would LOVE to insert a 7 second clip from an mp3 that I have.. BUT, how can I isolate the 7 seconds that I want (about 2:00-2:08) of the MP3..

    It seems If I drag the whole mp3 into my Project it just gives me a random 35 second selection of the clip.

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    Drag the entire mp3 file into the the small gearwheel in the corner of the clip and click on clip trimmer...when that opens you will be able to isolate the small part of the clip that is done in upper right corner to exit clip trimmer. You will be able to drag that clip anywhere you want along the timeline....

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    Failing that, you can edit the clip in Garageband.

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