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    Best Option for HD/Standard Camcorder?
    Hi Everyone,

    Well seems im starting out on a new forum as the newb again.... it is what it is I spose.

    Wanted to tap your knowledge on what camcorder would be the easiest to work with on my IMac? Im moving up from the crap mini-DV camcorder I have because transfer from tape to my machine, then into Imovie, exporting...etc gets real annoying.

    Maybe im being naive but I want a camcorder that takes good video and I can plug into my mac, export...and burn onto a DVD and be done... Im not a video editer, just for home movies, I record my wife's school play's every year and they sell the dvd's so something simpler would great to use. Maybe they don't offer a camcorder that simply plugs into my mac and begins exporting into a burnable file.

    Any ideas? From what ive read, Sony, Panasonic lead the way....

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    Anything that DOES NOT burn movies onto mini-DVDs or MTS format should be fine.

    Given your description of what you want to do, iDVD's "OneStep DVD" sounds like exactly what you want. You open the program, select OneStep DVD, plug in camera, insert disc, and walk away for a while.

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