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    Apr 04, 2011
    video advice please
    I have a video sized 2.6GB on a dvd which I want to upload to you tube and then publish on a website.

    Firstly i want to rip this dvd onto my hard drive and secondly , I need to reduce the size of the video.

    I am new to this and any advice would be appreciated


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    Apr 04, 2011
    actually the video is only 171mb in size but will still need reducing

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    Size wise you are not far off as the limit for YouTube is 2GB. However, for the standard user, I think you are limited to 10 minutes.

    Handbrake will be best for getting it off of the DVD.

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    Thanks , regarding Handbrake , they give you two options to download , one is intel and the other is ppc- which is best - I dont understand what the two options are

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    Powerpc is the old cpu architecture apple used for older macs. You can find out which you have by going to about your mac, then download the appropriate version.

    Youtube limits the bitrate at which your video plays, so it's best to choose the highest quality codec and features to help with its quality. Youtube gives 800kbps for anything under 720p, 200kbps for 720p and 3500kbps for 1080p material.

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