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    Saving my movies to itunes
    I travel a lot and own a lot of movies. I am tired of carrying around my DVD case the oldschool style...I have been able to put some of my movies right into itunes and onto my computer and even got one on my ipod (however this was from my PC and now I have a MAC)...from my understanding as long as I purchased the movies and it is personal use it is ok. Is this true or false?? I know it is somewhat forbidden talk but I am not stealing something that I already own I just want to view them in my travels for myself and my children. So is Handbrake the place to start for this or is there somewhere else I need to go?? Thanks.

    If this is forbidden I understand I just dont see how as I am not taking what belongs to someone else.

    Yes I have started buying from itunes to make it easier, however, I have tons I already paid for that I would like to use as well

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    Yes, if you have purchased it and it is for personal use only it is perfectly legal. And yes, Handbrake is the place to start. It's a great application that's easy to use and is free.

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    the law states that you are allowed to have backups for your movies, but it is illegal to break copy protection. so how do you get your backups?
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