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    Mini iPaul
    Unhappy avi unrecognized
    i have avi files i want to put on to dvd to watch on my tv and not on my computer and im currently using ffmpegx to try and convert them to a dvd format and then burn them on toast ( i have tryed to use imove then to idvd but once it finishes importing onto imovie it is just a white screen with no sound?) but i would rather use ffmpegx option and i just relised when i drop the avi on to ffmpegx it says the avi is unrecognized and when it converts (dvd mpegenc) is the option i choose and i have tryed all the other dvd formats and i get is the audio and video ts which i then burn using toast and for that i get a black picture and no sound? i am confused and dont have to much knowledge on video formats if anyone can solve the problem of how to get my avi to convert with being "recogniozed" in ffmpegx and also the suitable format on ffmpegx to then burn to toast you would be a god send

    thanks in advance


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    Convert the avi to a MOV file first using Divx doctor II. Then use ffmpegx.

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    Mini iPaul
    ok cool i will try that thanks

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    Cranky McSads
    I'm running into the same problem as Mini Ipaul. Even after converting to MOV it's still unrecognized when I drag it into ffmpegx. I'm not sure what to do. I'm a really new MAC user and just cannot figure this out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Mini iPaul
    i just converted to mov with dvix doctor it dropped it on ffmpegx and it never work but then if you have toast just drag and drop the mov on to that it has worked for me you try that if you have toast

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    that works for me what mini ipaul said

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