So, I am trying to edit some different clips and put them into livetype. I edit them and give them a new name in which to later locate them as. Two things:

1. FCE4 Changes BOTH clips, the original and the newly edited one as the new name. So then when I try to look up the clip on livetype, it wont even show that they exist under their new name. If I "undo" the action and leave them as the name addressed to them when they were imported, livetype only shows 1 of that name, not 2. It doesn't even show that 2 exist. It just shows one, but in the FCE4 browser there are 2 separate ones.

2. It will not let me do any kind of editing to the clip in livetype. So, when it just gives me the original clip (mention previously because it won't give me the edited one), I can't use it in the way I need to use the clip to make everything flow.

I AM FRUSTRATED. Will anyone shed light upon this proverbial dark tunnel that I'm in?