I've been trying to solve this problem for a few days now, and this seems like a good place to get help.

I've been working on a Keynote presentation that involves a lot of pictures, music, and video clips. I went ahead and set everything up to automatically transition. I want to put it on a DVD for convenience. Some online tutorials I found said that all I need to do is record the presentation, and then export the recorded version to Quicktime. I have tried this several times, and everything seemingly works fine (When it's exporting I'm noticing that it always stops at a certain point, that isn't the actual presentation's end) until I open up the "video" in Quicktime. There, the formatting gets messed up--some sounds play, some don't. Transition times are completely out of sync, with some not even happening. I tried downgrading to Quicktime 7 and my results are still the same.

If anyone could provide a solution I would greatly appreciate it. Really, any means to convert the presentation to a DVD would work--it does not need to be through Quicktime.