Hi, I'm sort of new to macs and I'm trying to get an audiovisual setup worked out. Here's what I need: I have a DV camera with a firewire connection to an iMac (running Snow Leopard). I need to stream live video from the camera online (I'm using Livestream now but I'm not married to it) and I also need to send it to a projector that is hooked up as the second display. So far I've been using ManyCam to split the video feed, which is working pretty well, and Livestream works with it. But I can't figure out a way to get a full screen live video feed to the second display. In fact, I can't even get it on the primary display, which would work OK if I cloned it. The closest I've gotten is using Quicktime (I don't have Pro), which does full screen but leaves the controls floating over it (for live video).

So, how can I get the video feed to display full screen? I'd really rather not have to pay for a program, given that it seems like such a simple and common thing, but I can't figure out how to do it. If I have to switch up my setup that's fine too as long as I can both stream the video and play it full screen.