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    Any Suggestions for which iMac and video software?
    I'm a former film shooter (photographer) turning pro I just purchased a Canon 5D Mark II 35mm camera. It has the ability to shoot HD video as well as stills.

    I'm planning on getting an iMac (fits my budget). I haven't edited digital video and wanted to ask suggestions on which iMac would work best... and which video software I should start with.

    I'm planning on experimenting with video, posting self-promo video clips, short video clips etc... nothing huge.

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    The Canon shoots H.264, so you'll have to consider that workflow.
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    H.264 video is not designed for editing. Ideally use MPEGStreamclip to convert to a more editing friendly format.

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    iMovie is a good place to start - but once you get the hang of it you may find it a little limiting. Final Cut Express gives you more freedom and there are resources online that could help you figure it out. I personally would use Final Cut.

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