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    Saving dvd's to hard drive?
    Hi im new here so not sure if this is the right place to post this question.ive got a 13 inch macbook pro about 6 months old and travel alot.i want to save dvds that i rent from the store to the hard drive so i can watch them on the road but the mac doesnt give you the option to save a dvd like a PC does.i dont need to burn them to a disk later just save them.also most dvds are encrypted theese days so id prob need something to sort that out to. cheers

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Well many commercial DVD's have things called blockers built in to prevent just this as the copyright owner/s thinks it is piracy.
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    so can it be done?ive been trying to search the forums but my mac keeps freezing lol i cant seem to search on any kind of forum today?

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    Not to mention that making copies of DVDs you have rented from your local store is illegal. The number 1 DVD ripper software (that believes in fair use) on the windows side would ban you from their forums (even after paying them for their software) for just hinting that you are doing such a thing.

    This discussion is definitely off limits here. Please see our Community Guidelines, along with PLEASE READ: Important information about DVD Ripping.
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