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    Problem with HDV
    Hi all

    You will have to excuse me as I am a complete noob at all things high def, I have just purchased a video camera and I am having trouble running the 1080i60 videos on my MacBook Pro, the camera only records in AVI which seems to work in quick time but only with 1080p30 and down, when I go up to i60 all I get is sound but no picture.
    After looking on the net and reading forums it sounds like I have to change the file from AVI to MP4 so I downloaded Hand Brake and changed the file to MP4, now I get sound an picture but the quality is very poor.

    My question is how can I get a good quality picture on my Mac using i60 resolution because whatever I am doing now is not working.

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    HDV is a DV format, not AVI. If I recall right, I'd expect the extension to be .DV using Mac software.

    I don't think iMovie supports 60fps. I'm not absolutely sure about that. Occasionally see it asked but haven't been paying that much attention to it since it doesn't affect me.

    Haven't used Handbrake for such a thing, but if possible, it sounds like you need to use a custom setting, not a preset. Size if obvious, but the data rate should be very high.
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