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    Question Mac + PC = Bluray?
    Hi all,

    im a new mac enthusiast (former pc lover), and have a pretty simple but dumb question to ask.
    Before i upgraded to mac i brought an internal bluray burner for my pc. I now have an iMac and use cs5(mac) to build/encode bluray movie projects etc.

    I need to burn projects into bluray format, however i would like to use my current pc bluray burner rather than buying a new external one for the imac.

    My question is, if i create a project in CS5 (mac), and export(output) the video project to an ISO image on the mac, (network to pc dump the ISO on the pc) then can i burn the ISO image on the pc using roxio or something to the bluray burner, even though it was created on a mac?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can confirm this.

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    Yes, it will be fine.

    ISO is its own format, and the UDF/ISO bridge inside of it is its own file system.
    Some of the information here may help: Why ISO?

    I assume you'll transfer the file across a LAN, from Mac to Windows.
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