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    How to make a DVD in iMovie?
    Hi all, I'm making a DVD (iMovie '09) for a wake. Please respond if you can help me out with this as I need it now.

    I put a slideshow together of pictures and music in iMovie.
    I have blank DVDs. I want to make sure this can be playable on DVD players. It is an hour long and a large file for the HD...

    Can anyone help me out? I'm just really stressed and hope I don't make any mistakes.

    Thank you for your help/time/tips.

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    1. Launch iDVD.
    2. Go to File / One Step DVD from movie... from the menu bar
    3. Navigate to your video file
    4. Insert a DVD into your SuperDrive, and it will write your slideshow to disk
    5. When the DVD pops out, insert it into the regular DVD player
    connected to your TV and enjoy.

    hopefully this should work. you should have iDVD in your applications folder.

    you can export the video slideshow in imovie.
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