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    Angry DVD Studio Pro - "Track 1" Problem
    I just finished a project using DVD Studio Pro 3 which took me about two days and at the point when I went to "Build and Format" the thing, it hits me with the following message:

    "No Video or Still Assets found in Track:Track 1"

    Since I've only been using the thing for about a week and, typical male, never read the instructions (though I have in this case) I can only presume that I've royally messed something up or have configured something wrongly.

    I could weep.

    Short of binning the whole thing and rebuilding it from scratch (which would take me all night!) can anyone suggest anything.

    I've hunted high and low on the net but can find no solution.

    Thanks in anticipation!

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    May 18, 2005
    Problem Solved!

    I should have assigned my first movie to Track 1. Sadly I did not. Even more sadly... I'd started again from scratch!

    Important lesson learned! I'll get this thing sussed eventually.

    I'm sure someone would have gotten to the bottom of my stupidity in rapid form anyway, however, I felt I should update the thread in case anyone else is daft enough to travel down my ridiculous route...


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