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    Best Video Editing Software
    Alright so I'm just wondering whats the best video editing software out there for MAC. I need something link Cyberlink Power Director. I need to be able to edit, convert, encode pretty much do it all.. I've been looking at Final Cut pro claims to be the best...

    Is this the best choice? Or is there something better out there?

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    If you've got a Mac, Final Cut Studio is the best. It not only has FCP for editing, but Soundtrack Pro for sound mixing, Color for color correction, Compressor for converting to just about any format imaginable, Motion for 3D graphics and more, all integrated to work together.

    For instance, you can send a clip with bad audio from FCP to Soundtrack Pro, tweak the sound to your liking, save it and the audio is automatically updated in FCP. You can roundtrip like this between all the FCS applications

    Avid and Premiere are also very popular editing suites, and all three do some things a little differently. But they are all powerful and are more or less capable of doing the same things. Avid's been around longest so it is more popular, but FCP is eating away at more and more of the market every year, and the rumored upcoming refresh is supposed to be a big leap over the last few versions.

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    I always use Adobe Premiere for editing video. That's really nice software for editing. Also Final cut pro which are best for video editing. Thank you

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    It really boils down to a matter of preference, as they all have their own advantages depending on your specific workflow. I would recommend checking out some trial versions or getting a bit of hands on experience if you are looking to invest in any professional editing software.

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    Premiere CS3+ is my choice NLE.
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