Hi, I am working on a video for a client and after viewing on YouTube they had some issues with the type not looking "crisp," and I'm not sure how to fix it, not sure if it's a YouTube thing or something I am doing wrong.

I am working in iMovie 6/HD on OS 10.4.11. I do my "type slides" in Photoshop and import them into the iMovie as photos (JPGs). I know some text/titles can be done in iMovie but there is very little control I have over what goes where, so by making my type slides in Photoshop I have more creative control to do what I want. I have done tests and it doesn't seem to matter what resolution the Photoshop files are when they're imported, the results are always the same.

If anyone has a better suggestion for doing the type slides I'd gladly welcome them, but I think what I really need to know is the following:

What are the best expert settings to export my iMovie file as, so that when I upload to YouTube, the quality stays fairly crisp? Or does YouTube's compression just negate anything I can do on my end?

I have googled and found settings recs on other sites and other boards and tried a bunch of them and my results aren't any better than my original effort.

Thanks to anyone who responds!