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    Hello, I enjoy this forum very much, but was wondering if any of you know of a home movie type discussion forum... One that maybe shares vacation movies, home videos, etc.. I am just looking for better ways and ideas to take my family videos to the next level.. Ideas about the making of, unique footage ideas etc.. I did some goggling, but I am just getting into this home movie making stuff and need ideas and inspiration from some of the vetrans that have been doing it for years!!! Can anyone help?

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    Don't know if this is anything like you are looking for, but I found it with a quick internet search:

    Video Editing Forums: Digital Director

    It looked interesting to me. When I have time I will read through the posts to see what I can pick up.
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    We very much enjoy While there are a lot of technical areas of the site regarding cameras and equipment, you will also find home/traveling tips, documentary/wedding/event videography techniques and more. Might also want to check out Creative COW. Our video editing expert Jeff is a moderator over there and the community is extremely friendly.

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