Hi all -

I have a question about setup and file sizes with FCP. Right off the bat, I apologize for newb questioning. I am completely green to HD videography, but my job has landed me in complete command of a Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCHD camcorder, a brand new spec'd out iMac, and the full Final Cut Pro studio. Needless to say, I am geeked. But, I know practically nothing. My experience is in still photography (amateur) and video on my HTC EVO, edited to some degree in iMovie.

All I know at the moment - and need to figure out - is that we are using a 2TB external HD and with about a dozen hours of footage, it says it's at 1.55 TB used. We flew right out of the gate recording at full 1080p HD, but I never imagined we'd use that much space so quickly. The videographer that helped us set up didn't either. He is hopefully going to come help me asap (and might even be on this board....?), but he's very busy (and the time would be donated).

First step for me is to back the resolution down for almost everything I'm doing. Then I need to archive off these files somewhere else. (and I know we have duplicates in a "scratch folder", so I need to figure that out). But my initial question is this, to anyone familiar with shooting full HD and working in FCP: Does this sound right? Should shooting and storing clips at this camera's full resolution really take that much space, or is this a configuration issue that I can get around? My 1 hour clips - ironically saved initially to a 32GB SD card - are showing as 100+GB each. If a 2TB HD lasts a month and a half, I'm screwed.

Thanks in advance for any advice.