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Thread: urgently need help with iDVD please

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    Feb 21, 2011
    urgently need help with iDVD please
    Hi guys
    I have a problem with burning with iDVD it has always worked fine in the past and I have the latest version.
    Everytime I try and burn a DVD which i have promised to 100 people to have done mths ago (only burning one copy on my Mac) I get an error and it quits.
    I have tried deleting the music which was a common reply on other threads.
    Please can anyone help?

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    what are you trying to burn, a playable DVD? what is the content?
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    Is this error occurring during the burn or when you try to play a burned disc?

    If the problem is during the burn, then you want to separate the DVD creation from the burn. Use the burn a disc image option, then try using Disk Utility to copy that image to an actual disc.

    It is possible the disc burner isn't working. Also not all standalone DVD players can play home made DVDs.
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