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    Screen caps. on iMac w/A. QuickTime
    Hello All,

    I did a search before posting so I apologize if this was just covered.

    I was told that I could use Quicktime to get screen captures from DVD's playing on my iMac. I am an artist/model maker and need to use DVD's from time to time for research.

    Anyone willing to guide me through the process? I'm still new to Macs, about two years now and loving it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Don't think this is possible as it is set like this to avoid any kind of Piracy, sucks I know because all you want is to take a picture of one frame, but unfortunately its just the way it is. Unless anyone else can chime in with a good response for you.

    - Simon

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    If you want just a still image, just do a screen capture, Cmd/shift/3.

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