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    Aspect Ratio question
    Got a clips on DVD, I need to edit in iMovie and put on U tube.

    When i play the clips From DVD using VLC software, the clips are slightly 'stretched' (vertical wise). But the Aspect Ratio for the clips are 16:9 (this is stated on the clip at beginning with the countdown clock, it's done by pro TV company). When I select Aspect Ratio in VLC (Video/Aspect Ratio/16:9) the clips playback in right ratio.... within VLC.

    But, when I load the clips into iMovie.... the clips are still strecthed = not 16:9! and some captions at top of screen of clip are cut / missing!

    Is there a way to fix this? Is there a conversion tool to do this? Is there a tool in iMovie (cant find anything). I'v egot Handbrake and VLC.


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    My guess is that it has to do with the presets you are using. I'm not familiar with VLC, but there is a nice blog post from Jeff regarding pixel aspect ratio. It may be of help to you.

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