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nzguy 02-18-2011 06:33 PM

Very new exporting HD qual movies to watch on TV
Expecting new baby am going to get a new video camera (suggestions or another thread?) any how I have messed around with iMovie but at the end want to send it to family on Blu ray? How do I export to format that blu ray will read (is it possible?) I have heard that toast will do it if not I can take files to work to burn there (have a blu ray burner there) but cant dont editing there during work time.

Zoolook 02-18-2011 09:18 PM

Macs don't generally come with a Blu Ray drive, so you'll have to get a 3rd party one. iMovie is perfectly capable of exporting 1080p or 720p movies at high quality using h.264 and Toast can burn to Blu Ray. You can also use RevolverHD to burn them in HD to DVD that will play in a Blu Ray player. You do not need Blu Ray disks for HD home movies... unless you're shooting Avatar!

robduckyworth 02-18-2011 11:43 PM

you need to buy toast titanium pro for the HD plugin, it doesn't come with standard toast. you can download it separately for $20 i think.

also, remember there is no software available for mac to read & play Blu Rays. i believe Windows does though.

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