Hi ladies and gents

Got contracted for a gig and I've been supplied with some MXF footage from a Canon 305 xf camera.
Problem was they didn't supply the disc that comes with the camera and has a log and transfer plugin on it and FCP obviously doesn't like MXF.
So I've been searching on and off all afternoon and am struggling to find a solution except for un-trusted 3rd party tacky looking software.
The other problem is the guy who transferred the files from the card says he kept the complete file structure intact.. but I have no way of knowing for sure.

Same old story, I've tried Compressor, Log and Transfer and Mpegstream clip but none of them want to see it. I even treid a sony XDCAM plug-in that apparently can do the job with canon MXF but as its not off the original card or camera it doesn't register when L and T starts up...

Anyone got any Ideas...

Cheers in advance for any help