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    Make VLC default?
    I've searched for this before, but most say just to use open with and selecte VLC, and that file type will be associated with VLC from that point. That doesn't seem to work. Everything tries to open with Quicktime, which wants me to download a codec that doesn't work for Mac. VLC will play it, but I have to select VLC with every file. Any idea how to set VLC as the default player for different file types?

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    OK best option is to right click the file you want to open with VLC, click Open With, then click Other... , scroll down the list of Apps and click on VLC, before you click Open though mark the box next to "Always Open With", this will associate the file type i.e. .avi with VLC and make it the default player for that kind of file.

    Hope this helps

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    Defaults apps: Rubicode - RCDefaultApp

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    Yes, merely selecting "Open With" will not make that the default application. "Always open with" will open that specific file with the selected application from then on.

    If you want ALL files of that type to always open with a certain application, select the file and press Command-I (or right click on it and choose "Get Info") and near the bottom of the information window you'll see another "Open With" option with a list of applications. Choose the application you always want to use with that file type and then click the "Change All" button beneath that. Now all files of that type, not just the one you're working with currently, will open with the application you set as the default.

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