Curious to know if anybody has actually purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to edit their camcorder clips inside of using imovie and idvd? One of my main reasons for asking if because imove and idvd doesn't appear to allow you to burn to a blu-ray where adobe does. If anybody is currently using APE9, I'd like to hear your feedback on it and how it handles HD editing vs the proprietary Apple products. Also, if you're using APE9, are you using an extenral blu-ray burner and if how easy has it been to edit and burn to the external disk considering that Apple doesn't seem to want to support Sony and their blu-ray format anytime soon.

It almost seems like a waste to purchase an imac with all of it included software and then spend $125 to purchase the APE9 and more money for an external blu-ray burner. Is there really any benefit to going this route?

I guess the basis for my question is because by using APE9, you can burn to blu-ray and possibly without compressing the data whereas if you burn to avchd, I believe the data is compressed. I'm not sure about this so if someone knows for certain, I wouldn't mind some clarification.