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    Software for school presentation
    Hey guys. Question about software suggestions, as I have never done anything like this before. Basically, I am looking for some software for a school project. I need to create a presentation for some products, and will be showing it to a class. What I'm wanting to do is to add images of the products (using different effects) and play 3 or 4 different songs in the background. I would also like to have text appear on screen when images of the products pop up..

    I assume Flash would be the program I am looking for? But are there any other better or free programs I can use to get this project complete?

    Thanks for the help

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    Keynote? It's part of iWork.

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    Keynote is an option. It is available as part of iWorks or standalone from the Mac APP store.

    You could also pickup a student version of MS Office which would include PowerPoint (an ideal choice for your project). I say ideal because I assume you will be emailing your file to the professor to load on the PC running your projector. If that is the case compatiblity is important. I haven't worked with Keynote but I assume it exports MS Office compatible files. With MS Office you wouldn't have to worry about exporting.

    You could also download for free OpenOffice for Mac. It does everything that MS Office does And is almost totally compatible. Not 100% as every time I use it I always have formatting issues switching back and forth between it and PowerPoint.

    Hope this helps and good luck on the project.
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    For the best results get MS Office and use PowerPoint.
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    I'm surprised you haven't heard of PowerPoint or Keynote?

    Yes Flash can do what you ask but you kind of need some experience with animation/timelines etc.

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    Yeah, sad to admit but I've never really used Powerpoint. I use Word regularly, but that's the only part of Office I use.. I will give Powerpoint a shot and see how it goes. Wish me luck, and thanks a bunch

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