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Thread: Help, Quicktime7Pro Image Sequence problem

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    Feb 03, 2011
    Help, Quicktime7Pro Image Sequence problem
    Got Mac Os Snow Leopard.. Trying to create a minor movie-file with Quicktime 7 Pro's "image sequence" feature so i can throw it in Final Cut to work it..

    It won't recognize my .png files (though this might be a standard thing so not the problem).. So have made my pictures .jpeg instead (won't even recognize the pictures if it's called for example test.jpeg.001 or similar as extension.. (even when it works in a couple of "tutorials" i have seen..) so had to rename all with automator to 1.test.jpeg..) but when i use the image sequence in QT7pro i only get one single frame in the moviepreview..
    In short, pressed image sequence, choose the first image in the serie, pressed ok and then choose my frames/sec option and hit ok..

    Then the preview comes up.. but only one frame even though the rest is in the same folder and have same name except the number.. same if i save it as a movie-file.. it is still only one frame..

    Been trying to find a solution for a couple of days (lots of hours), have googled over and over again.. but can only find other people having other sort of problems.. not the same as mine..

    Never used QT before but really need it to work.. am i doing it right or is it just that i'm missing some important setting or so?

    Or have anyone else had this problem, if so.. how did you solve it?

    Any ideas anyone? Would be very happy if someone knew something i could try atleast before i get gray hair out of frustration when i'm this close :S

    (Or maybe suggest another program that should work.. tried Avidemux but it's files can't be recognized by Final Cut for some reason)


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    Feb 03, 2011
    Solved my problem at last, found a setting so i could create jpg-files directly from my main program instead of using automator to convert.. seems to be that part which only gave me one frame in qt for some reason..

    Could someone close the thread thx

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