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    Cool How to burn multiple Iso's to a dvd & play them.
    I downloaded a video its called your baby can read or something for my cousin. I'm trying to burn them onto a dvd-DL but I dont know how to because theres 6 iso's and i have to put them onto two separate discs. How do i burn them to where he can play them on a dvd player? Also what program to use.. Usually i use Toast.

    Here's a picture of the iso's if someone needs to see them. There's like a title menu and a lot of things.

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    if they are dvd videos, you could try encoding the videos with handbrake, then joining all the videos with imovie, then burning as a continuous video file. however you would lose menus, titles etc.

    otherwise i dont know anyway other than to burn onto six different discs. sorry.
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    Alright well I'll try that and see if it works.

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