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    Thumbs down Weird Glitch in iMovie
    I'm not sure which forum to put this under, but something really weird happened in iMovie.
    I was putting some clips together of a Paramore concert that I had downloaded from YouTube via (which is perfectly safe, I have been using it for about a year now).
    Then I left it for a minute and had a weird experience on Tumblr (blogging site) where someone unfollowed me then followed me again continuously for about 20 minutes or so (This may be irrelevant, but I don't know).
    I proceeded to block them, but they still appeared.
    Then, moving back to iMovie, the clips in the Event Library weren't previewing... And the audio had changed.
    Instead of Paramore, the audio was replaced with weird camp music from the 80's (which I DEFINITELY don't have on my computer) and several tracks sounding like they were from a fairground, with carousel-like music, yelling and screaming - followed by a folk song - then followed by the sound of gusty wind and yelling... (Sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I was gawping for five minutes straight.)
    Then, trying to open Virus Barrier, it crashed. It did this several more times before I turned off the internet and restarted...
    This is so weird, any ideas guys? Nothing else has happened yet.
    Please help.

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    Sep 16, 2010
    By the way, I have a 19 inch Macbook Pro, if that makes any difference.

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

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