Hi - I have a MBP (bought this year) with Snow Leopard 10.6.6. I burned a test DVD of a 30-sec clip of a home movie which I imported from mini-DV (Sony HandyCam) into iMovie '11. I chose the format DVD-R. The resulting burned disc plays ok in my computer but I get the message "Check Disc" on my JVC DVD player. Yet I have played many DVD-R discs (I double-checked) on that player with no problem - but all those working discs were burned by someone else who sold them to me. I emailed him, asking if he did any special formatting of the discs prior to his burn, and he said no.

I had the same result after I burned a DVD+R. Does anyone know what I might try?

One last issue: although I know (because I hooked up the HandyCam directly to a TV and played the tape) that the quality of my tape is quite good, it looked very grainy both as I imported it via firewire to iMovie, and again was really poor quality after my burn (playing it on the MBP). I assume I must have failed to set something to the highest quality?

Thanks in advance for any response!