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Thread: Burning problem

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    Burning problem

    I'm facing somewhat of a mysterious problem when trying to burn a handful of DVD's that I need to burn from ISO-files.

    The films work as they should on my macbook, however when I try burning them the problems arise. When burned they often stall with something like 12-14 minutes left of playing time, some already before I reach the menu and still others in the beginning of the film

    I've tried using both disk tool, SimplyBurns and Toast for burning. I've used both DVD- and DVD+ disks. I've burned in both the slowest and fastest burn speed. I tried turning of the verification process. I tried watching my DVD's on 3 different DVD players and finally I've even tried borrowing an external burner.

    I end up with the same problem: most of my DVD's don't work, even if I don't get any error messages along the way.

    So, can a genious tell me what might be wrong?

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    Where did the ISO files come from and which program was used to create them? It sounds like the files may be corrupt.

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    Oct 12, 2009
    Im not quite sure how they were created as I'm not that technical :-)

    But the files are not corrupt, since friends have been able to burn without problems.

    Can it be a hardware malfunction in the macbook related to the burning process, but not in the burning hardware itself?

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