I am a Macintosh fanatic, I love everything about them. But I am also a cinematography major, I love movies, making movies and seeing movies. I want to write and direct a short film, in 3D. That's ok and all, I have it figured out, I have to shoot the movie in 3D, probably buy the new Roxio Pro to edit and so on. But this isn't very easy. When your doing movie making raw video ends up being a lot and there is no Windows machine out there that can truly handle that type of power and storage with my kind of budget. So I get this thought of the Mac Pro, Nvidia has a Mac Pro compatible 3D graphics card, maybe I could do this. Then I start looking, a couple grand here, a couple grand there, this could get pricey, just for the most basic Mac Pro. So I have come to the desicion that it's time to give up my other Power Macs, no, not those old Sawtooths, something much more elegant. I have two Mac Cubes. Both have the original 450MHz processor, though for a parts and labor fee I can install a dual core 1.5GHz processor. One will have 1.5GB RAM while the other will have 768MB of RAM. The 1.5GB RAM one will have a 500GB HDD, partitioned four times so all of the HDD shows up. The other Cube has a 60GB HDD. Funny, I can't post that I'm selling these in the Buy/Sell area.

But really this post is here for other 3D fanatics, if people want to do 3D footage shooting, I'll in the end have the hardware to edit for them. Think of me as one of the first free lance 3D video editors. I already have hand converted popular movies into 3D, now it's time to make my own. But I need the support of all of you to get off the ground!