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    Import .mts files from HD camera in iMovie or use Toast?
    I've seen mention (though I don't know if it's true or not) that when iMovie imports and encodes the HD .mts files from my camera that the quality is not as good as the original files. Would using Toast to convert them to Quicktime be any better?

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    I think there is not much difference. If I were you, I'd rather prefer importing directly from camera to imovie. No matter which converter you use, it will bring quality lost more or less.

    If imovie couldn't recognize your camera, you could search software on Mac App Store - price is lower.

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    I periodically import MTS files straight off the card into imovie and I honestly don't see much if any degradation of quality on my footage...The quality comes from the source...

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    i am having trouble with imovie i have the latest toast but i can not burn it on a cd or dvd ? help

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