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    So I've recently been welcomed into the world of Apple after many miserable years in the Microsoft world. I treated myself to a Macbook Pro and LOVE it so far but there is still a lot I'm getting used to.

    Now, my 6 year anniversary with my fiance is coming up and we will sadly have to spend it apart as he is in Afghanistan right now. I've been trying to make a video for him, all pictures of us with "our song" playing in the background as well as a bunch of romantic Post Secret cards as that's always been something we've shared as a my problem is that my photos seem to be too big for the video... when I play the video often our heads are cut off or you can't see the worlds on the post secret cards. I've tired to edit it by "fitting" an image or "cropping" it in Imovie itself but haven't had luck...I've also tried cropping it in Iphoto but for some reason the uncropped original version is what transfers to the Imovie.

    I'm sure I've done a HORRIBLE job at explaining my problem but hopefully SOMEONE will understand what I'm trying to say...all I'm doing is dragging the photos directly from Iphoto into the Imovie but I want to WHOLE photo to show up in the video as it looks kind of silly if you just see our chests. If anyone could help me it'd be greatly appreciated. He's been pretty down lately and I'd really like to do this for him. It's tough to give a good gift when you're thousands of miles apart

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    When you drag the photo to iMovie, check the photo settings. There is a setting called the "Ken Burns" effect. Check that it isn't set to zoom in on the picture.

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